How to become a successful CMS Brand Ambassador


22nd June 2016 | 11:19

Meet Ellie Sergeant, law student at the University of Nottingham. Now a Brand Ambassador for CMS, Ellie recently won the Brand Manager award in Rate My Placement law category. Here, Ellie shares her own experiences of the CMS programme, offering fail-safe advice on how to become an engaging, productive ambassador.

Acting as a Brand Ambassador is a fantastic experience for any student. Having started with zero experience, over the course of a year I’ve met some incredible people (both at CMS and on campus), developed my interpersonal skillset, and gained extraordinary levels of confidence as I’ve quickly settled into my role.
Here are my five top tips for any aspiring Brand Ambassador.


Know your campus

Face-to-face encounters are the bread and butter of a Brand Ambassador. Don’t be afraid of getting out on campus and talking to as many of your fellow students as you can. Building relationships with your peers allows you to not only meet new people, but creates opportunities to connect your firm to the right people.

With over 20,000 students at each university, it’s impractical to try and talk to everyone. Creating a contact base of key departmental staff is a fantastic way to spread information about the firm. They can help reinforce your message as trusted authority figures, as well as encourage students to view your promotional material.

Building this network of students and staff is one of the most important and useful things you can do as Brand Ambassador. It is a guaranteed way to increase firm attendance and engagement, so I’d recommend starting this process as early as possible.

Do your homework

Preparation is the key to success. Know the firm back-to-front, from its office locations to its latest pro bono projects. Take any opportunity to visit and talk to the trainees, associates, and partners. Not only will you be prepared for future interviews with the firm; you will dazzle your fellow students with your newfound wealth of knowledge.

Become a social media superstar

Have accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? If not – stop reading this article and start signing up! There is no denying the stereotype: millennials are social media addicts (and proud). Engaging and maintaining relationships formed online is one of the best ways for promoting your campaign.

Social media provides the perfect platform to expand and monitor your audience reach and offers a seamless system for keeping students informed about the firm’s latest events and any looming application deadlines.


Be authentic

Acting false is a sure fire way to have students mentally tune out your well-rehearsed speech on your firm’s recent EMEA M&A statistics.

Giving students an honest perspective adds value to your interactions and provides students with an insight into your real-life experiences with the firm, offering information that could not simply be obtained from a Google search.

Enjoy it!

Showing enthusiasm and passion for the firm’s work and ethos is the best – and only – way to get students engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Playing employment matchmaker is a win-win situation for both your newfound friends and the firm. Seeing students intrigued about the firm go on to succeed in the application process is an unbelievably worthwhile feeling – and has made my role incredibly rewarding.

If you want a role that is interesting, adaptable and challenges you, apply to be a Brand Ambassador. I can guarantee that it will be one of the best decisions you make at university.