How to make the most of Open Days


4th November 2016 | 11:56

Every Open Day is different. Having said that, you can expect insightful talks from firm partners, office tours, group exercises with fellow candidates and the opportunity to network with people from across the business. It is the ideal way to learn what a firm is really like, and should not to be missed.

Before you apply to an Open Day, it is wise to learn about the firm in question. Who are their clients? What industries do they specialise in? What is their reputation within the industry? If you know the names of the people who are speaking on the day, research them as well. The more you know before the event, the more you will get out of it.

Unless someone explicitly tells you otherwise, always dress smart. An Open Day is a sort of interview, and you would never show up to an interview in jeans and trainers, would you? Of course not. So if you are not sure what to wear, always err on the side of looking more professional rather than less professional. It will help you make a positive first impression.

No matter how nervous you are or how challenging you find the group exercises, be enthusiastic. Let everyone know you are excited to be there. This will help you show off your personality, make you come across as a positive person and, perhaps most importantly, mean you are much more likely to enjoy the experience.

Partners and associates are not the only ones who have a say in whether you are given an opportunity at their firm. So be polite and good-natured with everyone you come across. You never know when a current trainee might be the person to champion your cause.

One of the best things about an Open Day is the chance to ask questions. This will allow you to determine whether the firm is right for you. At the same time, it will help you engage people in interesting discussions – and make them remember you. So spend time thinking about what you want to know, and therefore the kind of questions you need to ask.

Whatever you do on the day, be as proactive as possible. Give a good account of yourself in the group excises, network with as many people as you can and show that you are not afraid to make things happen. It is the best way to get noticed.


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