7 Golden Rules For Approaching Law Fairs


19th September 2016 | 10:38

Another season of law fairs approaches. The only question that matters is: how do I make the best out of the opportunity?

First, law fairs are not for fun. Potential employers will be sizing you up, so don’t fool yourself and take this seriously.

Law firms come to the fairs looking for talent and wanting to be impressed. Prepare a strategy. Get it right and the reward could be a vital vacation placement or even a training contract. Get it wrong and everyone has wasted their time.


Here are seven rules that might change your life:


Pick your targets

Which firms most interest you? Rank them in order of preference. Get to the fair early; you may have to compete with other motivated, determined and interested people eager for few moments of a recruiter’s time.


Do your research

Find out all you can about those targeted firms. Impress with what you know and with the intelligence of your questions. Showing a recruiter that you have bothered to find out about their firm means you are a person worth taking seriously.


Take your CV

Take a few copies of your CV with you. But keep in mind that not everyone will accept a CV. If you have a conversation with someone make sure you ask for their business card. They have given you their time, asking for a card shows you have listened.


Go alone

You want recruiters to concentrate on you, you need to impress, don’t share the opportunity with the competition – even if they are friends. In the jungle that is the fight for the perfect job, only one person matters: you.


Wear a suit – always

Other students at the fair might try for cool and slouch round in hoodies and jeans. That’s a mistake. The smarter you are, the more professional you will seem, and the more seriously you will be taken. You have shown that an effort has been made; if you play the part then the part may end up being yours.


Take notes

Listening and noting down what is said to you means you are interested and interesting. Everything you do should say “I want this, take me as seriously as I take you. Give me a chance.”


Always follow up

Once the fair is over the cards you have collected are passports to opportunity.  Email or even phone your contacts, and thank them for their time – and remind them of your interest.  Courtesy is always appreciated and will move you to the front of the recruiter’s mind.


Interested in a career at CMS? Come and visit us at your nearest law fair and find out what it’s like to work at a truly modern law firm here.