Make your vacation scheme application a winner


22nd February 2017 | 12:05

Filling in your first application form was a daunting task – but once you mastered that, all applications were simple, right? Well, not really.

Applying for vacation schemes, like our CMS Academy, means taking time to sculpt a more considered representation of yourself. It means tailoring your application to our expectations, so it stands out above the rest. To give you an idea of what we mean, here is what we look for:


A sharp, serious, and succinct application

We look for ambitious students. People who are driven to propel their career, but will also be instrumental in steering our business’ success, too. So that is what we want to see reflected in your application.

In no more than a few paragraphs, we want to learn about your academic achievements, and to see how your skills and ambitions are represented in your career history, to date. Keep it concise, but do not simply compile a list of job titles – we want to see how your initiative gets results. So wherever you have hit targets, improved performance, and achieved impressive results, tell us.


Mastering the covering note

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and highlight how your experience demonstrates how right you are for the role. You might share a brief career history timeline that highlights how your growth was driven by your ambition, while addressing points in the job description. Or you might reference a project that reflects skills required in this role. However you do it, you must be concise.

We also want to know why you want to work with us. Where did you hear about our organisation, and our unique next generation vacation scheme? Why do you think you would fit in well in our teams? Above all, be genuine and honest.


Making it memorable by making it personal

Memorable does not mean using inappropriate language or emoji’s. It means showing us who you are, when you are being the most impressive version of yourself. Do you love using metaphors? Are you humorously gifted? Or maybe you are very eloquent and charming? Whatever makes you stand out in a group of friends, will make your application memorable, so do your best to channel that into words.


Learn about the CMS Academy, our next generation vacation scheme. Click here  to find out more, or visit the CMS website  to learn all about working at a modern law firm.