Why your university law society needs you


28th October 2016 | 16:18

University law societies are a fantastic way to put into practise all those skills you have been developing your whole academic life. They also give you an introduction into the world of law, and what working in a team of law enthusiasts feels like.

That said, let’s not forget the value your talents add to the society, too. From organising events, to liaising with governing bodies, and helping people looking for advice, your involvement can be the difference between an ‘ok’ society, and a great one. Here are some ways you can become invaluable to your university law society:

Chat to people

If you are already a member of your law society, and have access to its calendar of events, talks and socials, start attending them. Find time to contact guest speakers, or even event organisers. The more people you talk to, the more perspectives – and ways your skills can make an impact – you will discover.

Ask them about their involvement in law societies – are they currently part of one (or were they at university)? If they are, ask them how they have found them valuable, and what tips they would give you, in relation to your interests and skills. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Volunteer your time

Once you have met as many people as you can, ask them how you can help. Getting involved in the events and tasks that you enjoy is a great place to start, but also explore the areas you don’t know much about.

For example, you might have experience with customer service so volunteer to work on a help desk, or on an event stall. How are your organisational skills? It might be time to put them to the test on an Innocence project. Or you might be invaluable on the Law Ball committee – and might find yourself honing your negotiating skills! None of your volunteered time will be wasted, so go as diverse as you can.

Find your niche, and work it

After all that exploring, you should now have a decent understanding of where your strengths, passions and interests lie. This is where you concentrate your efforts to get the most mutually beneficial results from your work in the society.

At this point, you will have worked with diverse teams on a broad range of projects or events, and probably found the group and role you work best in. So explore that as best you can and become a dedicated member of the team. It will not just give you a more sociable and interesting time at university, it will set you up for life in the workplace. Above all, it will give you an edge most graduates will not have.

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